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2013 giant defy 3

We offer the most complete and innovative line of high-quality bikes and gear, so every journey is the best it can be. The riders depicted in the photographs herein are experienced professionals. Do not attempt to duplicate any stunts or manoeuvres shown in this catalogue. Giant strongly recommends that all riders wear helmets and appropriate safety gear while riding any Giant bicycle.

Photo by Sven Martin. One Goal. It started 40 years ago with one goal. Improve the cycling experience for people around the world. The founders of Giant were craftsmen and engineers.

They understood their strengths. How could they make cycling more enjoyable and accessible to more people? Simple: Build better bikes.

Materials have changed. Technologies have advanced. Bikes we never dreamed of in are now common place. Through it all, Giant never strayed from that original goal. Craftsmanship From day one, Giant founder King Liu believed that lighter, faster, more durable bikes could make cycling more fun and more accessible to more people.

So Giant set out to change the way bikes were made. The first decade was spent refining the building processes. Progress happened quickly. Lessons learned in those early years gave Giant its edge.

Unlike most other brands, we produced our own frame materials, investing in the ability to forge and shape tubing to meet specific performance demands. A constant hunger for progress created a culture of craftsmanship.

Every bike that went out the door required dozens of experienced hands to bring it to life. Even as the company pushed into uncharted waters - stronger and lighter materials, more efficient production, improved quality control - reliability remained a hallmark of the brand.

Riders could trust Giant. Innovation In Giant became the first major brand to mass-produce lightweight aluminium frames. Suddenly, more people around the world could experience a ride quality that was previously limited to expensive high-end bikes.

Through technology and innovation, we were advancing the bikes people rode and the way they rode them. In Giant followed a similar route with carbon fibre. From there, the list of innovations continued. All Giant technologies are born from collaborations between athletes, engineers and a global team of product developers.

The insights and demands of cutting-edge world champions, riders who push the limits of man and machine, benefit us all. Technologies such as lightweight composites, advanced suspension systems and integrated components trickle down, sparking innovations in competition, sport and lifestyle bikes of all types. Inspiration The most defining development at Giant over the past decade has been a newfound dedication to promoting the cycling lifestyle.

From our world headquarters in Taiwan to our sales companies around the world, all the people who make Giant what it is employees, retail partners, athletes, fans - are empowered through various programs to be ambassadors of the sport. It starts at the top.

Giant Defy 3 Specifications

King Liu left rediscovered the joy of the cycling life in his 70s and now spends much of his time touring various nations by bike to promote cycling.Forum Rules. Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter.

Login Register. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of The 2 uses Sram Apex and the 3 uses Shimano Tiaga. But I have also heard that Giant upgraded their carbon frame on the bikes compared to the carbon frame of Thoughts as to which I should buy? Which shifters do you like better? Pretty much ok with either. Have played with Sram and think they wouldn't be a problem. Luis Leon. Originally Posted by dbarringer. I have started biking a couple of years ago and am looking to upgrade my bike.

Pitts Pilot. I'd go with the older one with better parts. It's been marked down because the new bike is out, not because it's any less of a bike. The newer bike has cheaper parts. Even if Giant has changed the frame, I sincerely doubt it's something you can feel. Good choice BTW - I have a 3 year old Defy Advanced 1 with Ultegra and it's been flawless while my friends' more expensive bikes have seen trouble.

I'm also looking at cannondale synapse carbon 6 for same price with sram apex. Nothing wrong with either but now is the time to buy athey are all on sale.

Giant Defy Advanced 2 - Road Bike Of The Year 2013: Winner

Before you commit look around your city and see what else is available at your price point. Compare apples to apples and instead of going cheaper see if you can go better for the same price like A company like Giant will have all its own product on the bike, other companies need to outsource the parts.

Most of the parts are easy and cheap to change, concentrate on frame, wheels and group and compare those bike to bike. Have fun shopping! I'd go with whichever one you like the color on. My previous bike had Shimano Tiagra and honestly, the heavier mechanical feedback of the SRAM shifters is more to my liking.By David Rome. The Giant Defy is a bike the BikeRadar team knows well, and for good reason.

The Defy is a bike that makes no claims to being the fastest, lightest or stiffest. Getting set up on the Defy 3 is a straightforward affair. In its stock setup, the handlebar height is reasonably upright and comfortable, without being so high to cause nervous wobbles or loss of pedaling efficiency. This position is something that should make newer riders feel right at home, and in control of the road ahead.

Related: Giant Defy 1 Disc review. Riding at speed, the Defy hums along with a smooth and stable ride. Even on rougher roads, it rarely feels nervous and its handling is rather neutral — taking you where you desire without undue fuss. With this, Giant has worked some trickery into creating flat frame shapes that resist twist, but still offer some give on vertical hits.

The Defy does everything it should, camly and competently; but with this, it can also be a little boring to ride. Compared to something like the Cannondale CAAD8 we tested at the same time, the Giant can dull the road a little too much, whereas the Cannondale remains lively and communicative as to what the wheels are doing beneath you.

This dull feeling is perhaps most apparent during sprints: where other comparable bikes would feel lively and spring forward, the Giant takes a pause before relaying your power to the road. Where past aluminium frames would rely on large diameter round tubes, this Defy uses rectangles for its tube shapes.

Giant is clearly flexing its manufacturing muscle here. Much of this has come through manufacturing innovation, where metal tube shapes can now be shaped with the aid of high-pressure liquids. Aesthetically speaking, this modern blocky look divided our test team like no other.

Some loved the carbon lookalike edges, while others argued it seemed cheap within its matt paint.

Giant Defy Composite 3 Road Race Bike - Full Carbon M

Certainly, this is an aspect to make your own judgement on. One of the few round tubes on the bike is the head tube, which houses a tapered-steerer fork. For those seeking a bike to ride to work during the week, and explore on weekends, the Defy is likely to be up for the challenge. Mounts for fenders mudguards and panniers have been purposely added to the rear of the bike, with eyelets for fenders at the front too. With Giant being the bike-manufacturing powerhouse it is, the components ought to represent great value for money.

This holds true for the most part, but there are a couple of areas where improvements can be made. Starting with the parts that do showcase value, the Defy 3 offers a Shimano Sora nine-speed transmission. Giant has done well here and equipped a large t cassette at the back of the bike.Giant Bicycles, is, as the name suggests, a large operation; one that manufactures nearly six million bikes each year.

Like many manufacturers, Giant operates an engineering cycle of about three years. Last year saw major changes to the road range; will do so again. Elsewhere, the range is characterized by more subtle revisions. An example: the range has shed an outer layer of carbon weave; Giant believe the market is now sufficiently savvy to recognise its unidirectional form as the same material. The performance gains are marginal savings of a few grams but they clearly matter to Giant. Watch this space.

Like the Advanced, the seat tube cuts away en route to the bottom bracket, and like the Advanced it has an aero-profiled composite seatpost. The top tube is flat and broadens at the head tube. The Defy Advanced frameset enters its second season for model year Revisions from model year are subtle a unidirectional carbon finish perhaps the most significant.

Advantages over the newly-introduced Defy Composite vary from the aesthetic internally routed cables to the mechanical the broader Overdrive 2 headtube tapers from an inch and a half to an inch and a quarter. As mentioned above, the silhouette is similar to the Defy Composite, particularly in the rear triangle, but up front, things looked more aggressive: the down tube is bigger, the top tube broader at its junction with the head tube. Intriguing fact: the comfort-oriented Defy Advanced SL has a lighter frameset than its race-oriented TCR equivalent, according to our man at Giant: a claimed grams in medium, painted, with an uncut seat post.

It was pressed into service by Rabobank for some of this seasons Classics we also encountered a fleet atop a Rabobank team car on the mountainous stage eleven of the Tour de France. The seat mast is integrated; the press fit BB is entirely that no aluminium insert in its composite shell ; likewise the full carbon dropouts.

The top tube, by comparison, while broad enough to eat your dinner from at the head tube, cinched to supermodel proportions at the seat tube. Box section tube profiles abound, and the integrated seat mast is a thing of beauty. Additionally, we think it looks nicer than the Advanced 2: the satin and silver finish is extremely elegant.

The incarnation is pictured above; one we discovered shares an oversized, box section down tube and 86mm, press fit bottom bracket with its carbon brethren. Discuss in the forum. Reliable commuter light; more effective on unlit roads as helmet mounted spotlight. New manager of Madison Genesis on Roubaix, Grand Tours, and why ex-dopers have no place in cycle management.Cart is empty. Pick-up at any Giant retailer in about 7 business days. The product you have selected is currently out of stock in our warehouse but there may be a store in your area that has the product in stock.

Please contact your local store for availability. Notify me when available at any Giant retailer. We can also tell you if it's been delivered recently to a local Retailer once we are sold out. You have added Defy 1 to your cart.

Why pick up in store? Competent bicycle retailers make the difference in creating a cyclist for life. Our family of retailers is ready to communicate our mutual commitment to the cycling lifestyle and its lifelong health benefits. Order Delay Notice: Due to current measures to protect the safety of our distribution center employees, customer service team, and our retailers please expect delays in processing and delivering your order.

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Bring your order, with proof of purchase, to the local Authorized Giant retailer who assembled your bike. All specifications and prices listed are subject to change without notice. United States. Proceed to checkout. My Account. Add to Cart. Notify me when available. Find store. In store now Available for pick-up in business days.

In warehouse Available for pick-up in about 7 business days. Cancel Send. Continue shopping Proceed to checkout. An error occured We were unable to add this product to your basket. Please try again. Continue shopping. Thank you for supporting a local business. Free Returns Bicycles must be returned to your Giant retailer: Bring your order, with proof of purchase, to the local Authorized Giant retailer who assembled your bike.

To make a return for a refund, please follow these guidelines: Returns will be accepted within 14 days of invoice Items must be in like-new, unused condition and undamaged Proof of purchase is required Credit will be issued to original credit card used for purchase Items ineligible for return: The item was not purchased from Giant Bicycle, Inc. The item was invoiced more than 14 days ago The item has been used The item is not in new condition The item was marked "final sale" The item was damaged by improper use or accident.

Specs Geometry Similar Products. Many brands strive to list the lowest possible weight, but in reality weight can vary based on size, finish, hardware and accessories. All our bikes are designed for best-in-class weight and ride quality. Similar Products. Sort by: Select sorting Price high to low Price low to high.

2013 giant defy 3

Shop now Defy 2. Shop now Defy 3.Before that innovation, all road bikes sported level top tubes. Looking to insure your new bike? Combined with a lack of any on-trend niceties such as internal cable routing, it comes across as quite a utilitarian offering.

In terms of the kind of feedback that comes from the road, everything is more than acceptable. The upside of that is it reacts very keenly to power input. The Defy 3 gets up to speed eagerly and is a very good climber. Helping matters is the excellent Shimano Sora gearset, with a compact chainset and a cassette that features a whopping, hill-friendly tooth biggest sprocket.

It weaves through turns very ably. Faring better were the unmarked brakes — normally something to strike fear into the heart of every portly descender. But the most interesting aspect of this bike is its wide range of abilities. As with all the bikes on test there are rear rack mounts, and the Defy 3 would make an incredible fast commuting bike during the week.

The Defy is a very impressive all-round road bike with a fine spec, at a very decent price. It is quick and comfortable enough, so any new road riders hedging their bets really won't go far wrong. Weight: Weight:. Pros Good quality ride Lifetime frame warranty t Cassette. Compact t Shimano Sora chainset.

2013 giant defy 3

The Tektro R callipers perform well. Verdict The Defy is a very impressive all-round road bike with a fine spec, at a very decent price.By Warren Rossiter. That means a more upright position and slightly longer wheelbase.

Sensible, yes, but saucy? Book, cover, judging…. However, the Defy is the bike that got our pulse racing more than almost every other. Its designers have pulled off some sort of alchemy, as the Defy perfectly balances comfort with excitement.

In fact, its handling is one of its biggest pluses. While its top five rivals are all superb, they all have a bias towards either race or recreation and the Defy is the truest all-rounder in the mix.

None of this comes at the expense of comfort. The Defy smooths surfaces like a steamroller, with no road buzz transmitted to you. The Giant also scores when it soars. Because the frame on our large only just topped a kilo, climbing was and this is relative, of course a pleasure. The Defy Advanced has a lot to live up to — especially as, for quid less, you can get the Defy Composite with a better spec.

But the Advanced bests that bike by rote of using lighter, higher grade Toray T carbon fibre. Even though the Defy was never destined for Grand Tours, Giant have invested a serious amount of development time and cash into it. Their own carbon technology labs took that raw Toray T carbon filament and created bespoke weave specifications into the custom layup of this classy chassis. Giant score here too — complete Shimano with no omissions ensures super shifting and confident braking.

All too often these things can be missed, giving you the feeling that a box was ticked on an order form rather than a considered choice made.

The same goes for the wheels. Our rating. March 25, at am. Giant Defy Advanced 2 review. Latest deals. Our review This benchmark sportive bike perfectly balances comfort with excitement.

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2013 giant defy 3

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